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Bookkeeping 2006-January & First week of February

Many years ago, as a New Year's resolution I vowed to read a book a week. (Not a classy book a week mind you, just something with covers and pages in betwixt.) I kept this pledge for many years, however, in 2004 and 2005, due in large part to excessive work habits and traveling that caused/gave me an excuse to veg out in most of my free time, I fell far short of this goal, barely managing a trashy novel a month.

In 2006, I'm climbing back up on that bookshelf of reading achievement. I don't promise any enlightening reviews...but I am planning on keeping track and making notes where inspired. And if I can master italicization and lj cuts at the same time, even better. So without further ado, the first installment of:

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Joy and Music

trektone's wish is my command:

A) Name 10 things that give me joy (except for the first, not necessarily in this order):

1) Family & Friends (including boyfriends)
2) Books & Bookstores
3) Music & Music Stores
4) Fuzzy animals
5) Non-Fuzzy animals, amphibians, reptiles, insects and arachnids from a distance. As well as fish, birds, crustaceans and most slime molds (especially the fuzzy slime molds.)
6) Office Supplies & Office Supply Stores
7) Laughing and things that make me laugh and making other people laugh
8) Doing the best job possible
9) Being nice to people
10) Sex

B) List 6 of your favorite songs of the moment:
1) "Such Great Heights" The Postal Service
2) "On Love, In Sadness" Jason Mraz
3) "Pictures of You" The Cure
4) "Save Me" Queen
5) "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend" Magnetic Fields
6) "Michael" Franz Ferdinand
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It's called Insomnia,

And highspeed discount motel internet and here is where it has lead me:

This guy is pretty funny. My favorite part of this particular piece was:
And really, there's no reason to be licking anything for that long, let alone a girl's butt. Her poo could be actual Swiss chocolate, and it still wouldn't make sense to lick that thing for more than twenty minutes tops.

I think my IQ has actually dropped by 10 points since I've been on my extended business trip.
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I saw this on the Jason Mraz website and I can't stop looking...
Why can't I stop looking...the giant bubbles look soft, but I still feel guilty when I make her land on her face...

I want the new Mraz album. Does anyone I know and love have it yet and if yes, do you know and love it yet?
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Marzipan Beaver Party

Dispatch: Beaverton

According to:, "Beavers are more than intriguing animals with flat tails and lustrous fur." This is week two in Beaverton, and I am still waiting to see my first beaver. (hee.) I have seen a lot of trees, two rainbows and for three glorious hours, Powell's Book Store (and Powell's technical bookstore, which is in a completely different building, because one block and three floors was just not enough.)

Mostly I've been inside an office building, desperately trying to maintain some semblance of actually caring, and somehow, for the most part succeeding. In my spare time, I've been looking for a Mayor of Beaverton t-shirt, because it's essential to my "Take this Job and Shove It" dance routine. So far, no luck...

I feel like I could love Portland. As long as I can get everyone I love moved here. Housing is REALLY reasonable and there are TONS of dogs. And according to Rian, Portland is the city of cats (and bridges and roses.) And the air is clean and fresh, and the beavers and rainbows. Good lord don't forget the beavers and rainbows...

I'm really lonely though and missing my family and friends and cat. I'm also having lots of trouble sleeping...and I've got three more weeks to go (if I don't screw it up and have to stay five weeks...)

However, having completed the whining section of my post, I watched this program on The Learning Channel about a disease called something I can't remember and it just made me feel like the biggest asshut in the world for feeling sorry for myself when there are people so much worse off. I'm a crappy person. Excuse me while I go eat some Marzipan Beavers.
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Jerker or Pecker?

rabbijeffty informs me that LJ spell check thinks that I'm spelled wrong, and instead of Keker, I should be Jerker or Pecker and Microsoft spell check always wants me to change my initials from CCK to COCK. I sense a theme in here somewhere...I just can't put my finger on it. Well I could, but someone will have to buy me dinner first.

Other LJ suggestions for Keker are: Jerker, Joker, Kicker, Jerkier, Kerk, Keck, Keller, Keeler, Leaker, Jacker, Jeer, Jokier, Kickier, Kookier, Kele, Kerr, Geek, Jake, Ker, Joke, Juke, Eke, Becker, Decker, Keefer, Leger, Beaker, Corker, Gawker, Geekier, Geeky, Keener, Keeper, Keg, Laker, Liker, Necker, Pecker, Weaker

LJ suggestions for rabbijeffty are: Rebuffed, Rebuked, Reabbreviate, Roquefort, Bigfoot (BAAAHAAAHAAA!!!), Rubicund

LJ suggestions for trektone are: trek tone, trek-tone, Trenton, Triton, triton, treating, trekking, drystone (um...huh?), trekked, travertine (What in the name of god is a travertine?), tractor, triking, Tarrytown, traction

LJ suggestions for fridabrow are: Fredra, Bradbury (Official new nickname...), fritterer, fruiterer (HAAHHHAAAAAHHAAAA!!!!LOVE IT!!), threadbare, fretboard

LJ suggestions for singular_girl are: well, there are no suggestions. According to LJ, singular_girl is spelled correctly. Figures this would be Jeety's user name.
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