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Office of the FUTURE

As an official Ladynerd (Ladynerd is a trademark of Keiser Enterprises) and as the inventor of the "CUBE OF THE FUTURE" which my sister suggested that I call the Wombical (Wombical is a also a trademark of Keiser Enterprises, though it is almost certainly too creepy to use in a successful advertising campaign), I WAS SO EXCITED when I discovered the Mayo Clinics' "Office of the Future" (probably trademarked by the Mayo Clinic, but if not, claimed by Keiser Enterprises for use in conjunction w/ the CUBE OF THE FUTURE.)
Mayo Clinic Office of the Future:
Pictures of Mayo Clinic's Office of the Future:

I think this is so freakin' brilliant! Imagine not only the improved physical condition but also the mental calm that one could maintain by taking a brisk walk while conducting conference calls.

I liked this so much I submitted it to my company's Best Practices website. Hee hee hee! I've volunteered for their first test trials of this office, so I'm sure they'll be calling me any day now. If they don't send security up to escort me out of the building. They did send me some lightbulb shaped posty-notes, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time.


    Hope it's a good one! Don't work too hard. :-D Love and big hugs (from NYC), Christine

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