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Happy Happy Happy Happy

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!

Happy 29th B-Day, RocketMan! :-)

Hope you have a great one, and also hope to see you in person very soon.

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You got a pretty mouth

Happy Birthday, Jeffers!!!!

I kept thinking earlier this month, "Jeff's b-day is coming up in a few weeks, must remember." What happened to the weeks? :-P

Hope you had a beautiful birthday, and I want to hear more about Jahnavi's "interesting" menu.

Yesterday was "Pumpkin Fest" at my house. Junior has been dying to eat pumpkin, so he made 4 pumpkin dishes:
Pumpkin Bisque (amazing, slightly sweet from apple cider and maple syrup, lots of ginger, shallots)
Pumpkin Risotto (probably my favorite. A creamy risotto with big chunks of freshly cooked pumpkin)
Pumpkin Salad (blanched spinach, sauteed bermuda onions and chunks of pumpkin, and fakin' bacon crumbled over. Really good.)
Pumpkin Ravioli(he even made the pasta w/o a pasta maker. The sauce on this was really interesting, kind of a pesto made w/ pumpkin seeds instead of pine-nuts.)

It was pumpkin-rific! No pumpkin pie though. :-)

When does school end for you, so I can book some Jefftytime? (Jefftytime is a lot like Hammertime, but w/o the crazy pants.) Work has been Stankville, not enough to do at the beginning of the year, and then as of Sept. 1st everything is supposed to be done before the end of the year. Oh well...better late then never I suppose.
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My Hero

Bookkeeping 2006-June

Another Two book month...oh well, I really enjoyed both of them, so quality not quantity I suppose...

Book # 1: From a Whisper to a Scream by Charles De Lint--Disturbing, vivid, extremely well written and with some very sympathetic (and one not so sympathetic) characters. I tortured myself while reading this book trying to remember the '80's group who did the song Whisper to a Scream which is unrelated in other than title as far as I know. (It was Icicle House.)

Book # 2: American Gods by Neil Gaiman--For some completely inexplicable reason, I've always avoided Gaiman's solo novels, though Good Omens by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett is one of my all time favorites. I assumed that all the funny bits of Good Omens were from Pratchett. Thanks to trektone I was proven very wrong. For Xmas (or was it my birthday...) Joey provided me with Gaiman's Anansi Boys (which has a completely hilarious built-in "personalization" that led me to believe that Neil might be rather silly all on his own.) So while at The Fabulous Borderlands Books (Home to the Hairless WonderCat!) with rabbijeffty last month, I decided to purchase and read American Gods first, just in case I ended up loving them, I wanted to read them in the correct order. And love it I did. The book is extremely well written, and even when at points it seemed to wander off, or not quite provide me with all of the information I would have liked, it never failed to draw me in, make me laugh and make me think. Good times.

Next up for July: Kim Harrison's new novel, Fistful of Charms. I'm so freakin' bummed I missed her at Borderlands on Saturday, 7/1. I forgot that I had promised to go to the Marin County fair with the Topper Girls to see...NELSON. That's right, I said, Nelson. Shut up.
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How would Matt look in a green wraparound?

Captain "My What Big Teeth You Have" Kirk? (Link)

One time I made fun of Captain Kirk (the William Shatner variety) and that night, in my dreams, I was sitting on a park bench on one of those foam-rock planets making out with him. He was wearing the green wrap-around shirt. And I was really enjoying myself...

How does everyone feel about making out with Matt Damon? I for one am against it, which almost guarantees that I'll be inspecting his tonsils in dreamland sometime soon...
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Lemon Lemming

Monkey Chow

This tickled me way more then it should have, go figure, he's Canadian...

When I went to read the transcript for the CBC radio interview w/ Mr. Monkey Chow, they were playing some KICK ASS Streaming radio.

The thing they were playing when I was there was:
Diamonds in the Dark by the The High Dials
It was GREAT!!!!

I'm moving to Canada, but I'm not eating monkey chow...
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Office of the FUTURE

As an official Ladynerd (Ladynerd is a trademark of Keiser Enterprises) and as the inventor of the "CUBE OF THE FUTURE" which my sister suggested that I call the Wombical (Wombical is a also a trademark of Keiser Enterprises, though it is almost certainly too creepy to use in a successful advertising campaign), I WAS SO EXCITED when I discovered the Mayo Clinics' "Office of the Future" (probably trademarked by the Mayo Clinic, but if not, claimed by Keiser Enterprises for use in conjunction w/ the CUBE OF THE FUTURE.)
Mayo Clinic Office of the Future:
Pictures of Mayo Clinic's Office of the Future:

I think this is so freakin' brilliant! Imagine not only the improved physical condition but also the mental calm that one could maintain by taking a brisk walk while conducting conference calls.

I liked this so much I submitted it to my company's Best Practices website. Hee hee hee! I've volunteered for their first test trials of this office, so I'm sure they'll be calling me any day now. If they don't send security up to escort me out of the building. They did send me some lightbulb shaped posty-notes, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
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Lemon Lemming

Bookkeeping 2006-Last two weeks of March through All the live long May.

Oh how the not really mighty have fallen...my big goal to read a book a week has been sadly lagging in the last few months. March, technically, I did read four books, but in the first two weeks of the month, and then for the rest of the month, nada mas.

In April, I managed two books, though one of them was so short, it really shouldn't count:
April Book 1: Pure Drivel by Steve Martin--Funny in parts, but not that funny. This was a collection of short pieces. I really think that Steve is better at longer, melancholy fiction. Whenever I read Shouts and Murmurs submissions from him in The New Yorker, I always go in expecting many giggles, and come out saying, huh...that was kind of weird. (For Shouts and Murmurs, my favorites are usually Paul Rudnick, Jack Handey, Bruce McCall and Andy Borowitz.
See the following link for some excellent Shouts and Murmurs entries.:

April Book 2: Murder at the ABA by Isaac Asimov--I really liked this one. It's a very silly mystery novel that features Isaac Asimov as a character. The protagonist of the book may or may not have been based on Harlan Ellison. I had my own personal encounter with Harlan at a book signing. I got him to sign Angry Candy for me, but first I wrote in my own dedication that said: "I apologize that every one of these stories including the introduction made Christine cry. Sincerely,_______________." When I handed Harlan the book, he read my note, then he looked at me with squinched up eyes and a little smile and shouted, "Christine! I'm not going to sign that, because I'm not sorry!" He made me giggle. Afterwards, everyone told me that they thought for sure that he was going to yell at me (not just pretend yelling.) AFTERWARDS!!!! Thanks a lot people, I had no idea Harlan is sometimes a ticking timebomb. I must admit I'm in love with him and Murder at the ABA fit in well with my own make believe Harlan.

May was also a two book month:
May Book 1: Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris--Sookie Stackhouse is my kinda girl. She's gotten it on w/ Bill the Vampire, Eric the Vampire, Alcide the Werewolf, made out with Sam her collie-morphing wereboss, and almost been tempted into a relationship w/ Calvin Norris the leader of the werepanthers. I LOVE SOOKIE the PSYCHIC SLUTBOMB!!!! I thought for sure that she'd pine eternally for Bill, but NO!!!! She got right back on another vampire after Bill tried to kill her (accidentally). Good girl. Though Dead as a Doornail wasn't my favorite Sookie,(Dead to the World probably is, because I've got a thing for Eric, even though he's blond) it's still darned good.

May Book 2: Angel of Darkness by Charles de Lint--This was my first ever de Lint (though technically, this particular book was originally released under the name Samuel Key.) I loved it. Read it straight through in one night. It's creepy, serial killer-y and amazingly inventive. I loved the flashes into the wasteland, cool and scary.
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